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Monday, September 14, 2009

01 Printed Donuts fabric

( For large view please click on the picture )
01Kawaii Donuts Cotton Fabric
Price: 1/4 meter RM8.00(50X80cm)
1/2meter RM15.00 (50X160cm)
1meter RM28.00 (50X160cm)
Status :ready stock 4meter(reserved 4 meter)
Remark of maymay : this is a very good quality cotton fabric, nice print, neat. 
It is now restocked and available, if you have missed the stock previously, hurry up and grab it now ^ ^

*Suitable for all handmade types,dress,baju kurung


myza said...

i like it..still avaiable ke ni??

meiweihuang said...

hi myza,
ya still ada ^^

alynah.rai.gorilla said...

masih lg ad skang ni?

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