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Friday, September 11, 2009

304 Cross-stitch Prints In 100% Cotton

304 Cross-stitch Prints In 100% Cotton 
*100% light weight cotton (thick)
*Price:  R12.00 for 1/4meter(50X80cm)
RM18.00 for half meter (50X160cm)
RM33.00  for 1 meter (100X 160cm)
Status :Sold Out 
*Remark of maymay :For those who like patch work, please don't miss this.
the fine printing a like Cross-stitch style, soft, very suitable for hand made purpose.
*Suitable for all handmade types,patch work, beg, purse, any house ware deco. 
  **Strongly Recommend **


Anonymous said...

agnes here reserve 1.5m for me. thx

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