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Monday, October 19, 2009

LC 350 Korean Design Zakka Life Style II

(please click on the picture for large view) 
LC 350 Korean Design Zakka Life Style II 
linen cotton fabric, soft, medium weight 
*Price:  1/4 meterRM12.00(50cmX75cm)
1/2 meterRM22.00(50cmX150cm)
1 meter RM42.00(100cmX150cm)
*Remark of maymay : Many cute items been printed in a soft natural cotton linen base. 
please do not miss this items, this is a very good printing,(neat) good quality fabby.^^ 
Come in 2 color prints, Brown and Grey. is not a big different between both color.

*Suitable for all handmade types,patch work, purse,phone holder,tote beg.anything ^^
   **Strongly Recommend **
below are some sample picture that i grab from web~ 


Mama Nuriel said... cute la May....Tapi stok masih banyak lagi. The previous Korean design Zakka i dah guna untuk buat gift giveaway i hari tu

meiweihuang said...

haha, tengah mlm ni masih browse web ke?? may tadi dah pi blog u tengok, cantik la >_< dan may dah pun link ur banner ^^ see when free ular then we go coffee hehe.....

Mama Nuriel said...

tengah malam la baru boleh blogwalking. Siang kerja la...nanti kita pergi minum2 ya...:)

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