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Monday, December 31, 2012

Rmat 42 Hard Stabilizer

Rmat 42 Hard Stabilizer (im)
 *100% cotton good quality stabilizer with 1 side glue (hard)
*Width :113cm 
*Price half meter  RM9.00 (50cmX113cm)
Special Rate Price:1 meter RM15.00 (100cmX113cm)

*Status :  Ready Stock
Remarks of maymay: hard type stabilizer for firm & "stand up" your sewing project.
especially for tote beg, or bigger recycle beg.
just simply iron on your fabric, please turn off the steam when heat.

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 suggest for quilt inner part.



NICOLE said...


meiweihuang said...

this is a items that apply in ur fabric to made it more firm look, when turn in craft items, like beg, purse, book cover.

Anonymous said...


stabilizer ni jenis kain ye? lembut tak?
coz i bought some stabilizer before from other supplier but the quality not so good, once iron on the fabric, susah nak lipat untuk jahit..quality sama tak macam epal punya?

meiweihuang said...

for above person,
hi, stabilizer maymayshop ia agak keras sikit, ia sesuai di jadikan tote beg, sbb tote beg tidak mermelukan batting . dan stabilizer yg keras ia akan mendirikan tote beg atau pun any others hand made beg.

maybe different supplier they have in different stock, some clients like soft(can fold) stabilizer, some like hard stabilizer. depends on ur self which u are prefer ^^

Anonymous said...

may wei, you still have this kind of stabilizer?

meiweihuang said...

for above perosn,
yes still in ready stock for this items , please email me

MAK TEH said...

hello there mei , mak teh tengok kat blog luarnegara, mereka guna Pellon ,buat bag, that kind ada ka?

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