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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

C 685 Designer Brand Cotton *Pastel Candy Dot *

  C 685 Designer Brand Cotton *Pastel Candy Dot * 
*100% light weight cotton  
*RM14.00 for half yard (45X 110cm)
  RM25.00 1 yard   (90X 110cm)  
*Status: SOLD OUT

*Remark of maymay : US Designer brand Carter's baby blanket fabric
strongly recommends for children quilt. 
 *Suitable for dressing all handmade types,especially for kids quilt . 
**Strongly Recommend **   

*All order please email to*

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Anonymous said...

Hi,i'm julius.I want a one piece dress for my little girl about 2 years old,i dont know how many yard should i have to buy course this is my 1st time make a dress for my girl...

meiweihuang said...

hi Julius, if 2 years old girl, should be 2yard enuf ^^

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