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Friday, October 2, 2009

JLC674 Blended Linen Cotton *Retro Alphabet Badge*

   JLC674 Blended Linen Cotton *Retro Alphabet Badge*
*Japanese linen cotton blended fabric, medium weight 
*Price:  1/4YardRM12.00(45cmX56cm)
1/2 YardRM21.00(45cmX112cm)
1 yard RM42.00(90cmX112cm)
Status : SOLD OUT
*Remark of maymay :Featuring old style alphabet Badge prints in a natural linen base and dirty pink base blended linen cotton .

  *Suitable for all handmade fabric craft,patch work,tote beg,fabric box.anything ^^  
**Strongly Recommend **

*All order please email to*

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