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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

YD732 Taiwan Yarn Dye 羽織 *Genial 5 Color Group *

  *Please be note this group will only selling by group, no separate selling.

YD732 Taiwan Yarn Dye 羽織 *Genial 5 Color Group *
light weight yarn dye (With Water Proof Effect)

*Now You can get the Special Try Pack for this Batch Yarn dye on RM8.00 for 5 colors.*
(Measurement for try pack approx 15cm X 14cm X 5 color )
*Group Price: 1/4 Yard X 5 color (45cmX55cm)RM75.00
1/2 Yard X 5 color (45cmX110cm)RM150.00
1 Yard set X 5color (90cmX110cm)RM300.00
**Maymayshop member Entitle for  free postage ** 

*Remark of maymay :Real Import Taiwan branded 羽織 yarn dye.
Using the latest "Lotus" technology that have "water proof" effect on yarn dye. 
even the water drops on your art work, also can be immediately wipe off.
copy from 艾玛採用最新的荷葉技術
Detail of each Yarn dye ~



hi, is this dark blue??

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