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Sunday, December 6, 2009

LC742 Blended Linen Cotton* Cherry & Berry *

   LC742 Blended Linen Cotton* Cherry & Berry *
* Linen cotton blended fabric, medium weight (soft)

 *Price: 1/4 Yard RM10.00(45cmX 70cm)

 1/2 yard RM17.00(45cmX140cm)

1 Yard RM33.00(90cmX140cm)

 *Remark of maymay : Great blended linen cotton base prints with tiny cherry & berry.
Fabric in very good quality,tight, firm, soft. It is a special design for export  Korea.
*Suitable for all kinds of handmade project, dress,or any thing that you can explore ^^

  **Strongly Recommend **

 *Please specify the quantity of order ,Email to*


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Ira said...

may..reserve for me 1/2 yard yeah..

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