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Monday, December 19, 2011

Rmat 139 Flower Metallic Brass Magnetic Button

Rmat 139 Flower Metallic Brass Magnetic Button
*Diameter approx 1.7cm  
** Price For 1 piece RM4.00
**Get 2 Piece for special rate at RM6.50 **
Available :  Ready Stock
 ** Remarks of maymay: Very unique magnetic button, each piece include 4 piece of compartment.
Color in bright metallic brass color. 
Stock in price is a bit higher, but may try to give the net price that i could ^^  
 **Strongly Recommend **

Please send your order with items code, quantity  to 

Tutorial For Fixing Flower Magnectic button~
 Compartment for surface (A, B) for bottom (C, D)

 Punch a hole at your fabric.(cover)

 Place B at bottom of fabric.(cover)

 Place A on top of B, screw tight.(Surface part done)

 For bottom part, cut 2 hole for placing C.

 Place D stopper on top of part C.fold in the leg.

last step, please imagine this is a beg cover, just simply close surface to bottom part, the magnet will stick on each others ^^ 

** Fixed Price Items **


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