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Saturday, September 5, 2009

YD 775 Japanese Style Yarn Dye *Sweet Candy 10 Colors*

  *Please be note this group will only selling by group, no separate selling.

YD 775 Japanese Style Yarn Dye *Sweet Candy 10 Colors*
*Medium weight yarn dye group in 10 color

*Now You can get the Special Try Pack for this Batch Yarn dye on RM15.00 for 10 colors.*
(Measurement for try pack will be 25cm X 19cm X 10 color )

*Group Price: 1/4 meter X 10 color set (50cmX72cm)RM115.00
1/2 meter X 10 color set (50cmX145cm)RM210.00
1 meter set X 10color (100cmX145cm)RM420.00
**Maymayshop member Entitle for 10% discount on half meter or 1 meter group order**

*Remark of maymay :Perfect quality of Candy color yarn dye set, thick and soft fabric.
Easy for any kind of patch work using.

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