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Thursday, May 23, 2013

YD 894B Yarn Dye Bias Tape* 5 Color Stripe*

  YD 894B Yarn Dye Bias Tape* 5 Color Stripe*
 *Measurement : 3.5cm width
*Light weight yarn dye
Status :Ready Stock 
*Price : RM3.80 for 1 Meter

 **Available in~ Blue, Sky Blue, Brown, Pink,  Red.**
*Remark of maymay : Bias tape are used to bind and enclose straight or curved fabric edges.
When used as a trim, they also provide a decorative color accent to clothing and crafts.
Please be note, every few meters there will be a joint. 
You can have a view for How to Use or Apply Bias Tape.
*Suitable for all handmade types project . 
**Strongly Recommend **

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