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Thursday, August 23, 2012

BS 970 Interfacing Medium / Thick

 BS 970 Interfacing Medium / Thick
 *100% cotton  Interfacing with 1 side glue *
*Width :113cm 
A.)Medium Price : RM13.00 1 meter 
B.)Thick Price : RM15.00 1 meter 

Remarks of maymay: Both types of interfacing will made fabric appears firmer, harder.
Suitable for all craft making , like coins purse beg, tote beg, or any others craft that relate to fabric.
Just simply iron on your fabric, please turn off the steam when heat.

*A.Medium : suggest for small begs or bigger begs in soft type. 
*B.Thick : suggest for craft that need harder result, such like camera beg, tote beg,Bottom part of beg, tudung awning.

Sample of craft that use medium interfacing ~


Sample of craft that use thick interfacing ~


 Artchala Handmade

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hi, what's the difference between this n stabilizer?

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