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Monday, October 8, 2012

C 680 Thick Cotton * Mini Colorful Checked *

  C 680 Thick Cotton * Mini Colorful Checked * 
*Thick Cotton
 *Price: 1/4 Yard RM9.00(45cmX 72cm)
 1/2 yard RM15.00(45cmX145cm)
1 Yard RM28.00(90cmX145cm)
Status: Ready Stock 
*Remark of maymay :Korean design Mixed color mini checked in2 color, Brown& Red.*Suitable for small craft project like quilting, sewing, general, crafting, Home décor, apparel & fashion
  **Strongly Recommend **

 *Please specify the color, quantity of order ,Email to*


Perfect made By ~  Bear dot com

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