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Thursday, July 31, 2014

LC1053 Blended Linen Cotton *Basic Match 8 Color polka Dot *

 LC1053 Blended Linen Cotton *Basic Match 8 Color polka Dot *
* Blended Linen cotton, medium weight  
*Price: 1/4 Yard RM11.00(45cmX 75cm) 
1/2 yard RM18.00(45cmX148cm) 
1 Yard RM36.00(90cmX148cm)  
Status :Ready Stock for all color

**Special rate for Maymayhsop member 20%For 8 color half /1yard group**
*Remark of maymay :Perfect basic match 8 Sweet color polka dot blended linen cotton.
*Suitable for small craft project like quilting, sewing, general, crafting, Home décor, apparel & fashion

  **Strongly Recommend **

  *Please specify the color, quantity of order ,Email to*







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Anonymous said...

how much it costs for 4mtrs?

meiweihuang said...

hi, can i know which color u need ?? this material is not suitable for baju kurung.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Norlaili Lott said...

Are green, red and khakis still available for 1/4 yards?

Leli Lott

Ira said...

May..kaler apa yg masih available?

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