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Saturday, April 19, 2014

YD2053 Yarn Dye * Genial 7 Color Group*

YD2053 Yarn Dye * Genial 7 Color Group*
  *Light weight yarn dye group in 7 color 
*Group Price:  1/4 meter X 7 color set (50cmX71cm)RM73.50
1/2 meter X 7 color set (50cmX142cm)RM147.00
1 meter set X 7 color set (100cmX142cm)RM294.00
 *Status :Ready Stock

*Get Special Try Pack for this Batch Yarn dye on RM10.50  for 7 colors.*
(Measurement for try pack approx 25cm X 17.5cm X 7color )

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   *Selling ONLY by group, no separate selling.*
 (Free Postage For 1 meter grouping order )   
  **Free shipping for Only Malaysia**

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